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"The Return of the Living Dead" poster by Utomaru

9,900 JPY

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Artist Proof 18" (width) x 24" (height) edition size 30 This is a MONDO exclusive poster but we have 30 AP copies. Each print will be signed by artist and numbered in the lower part of the print. It comes with a special sticker set.⁣ Since it is shipped in a special box, it cannot be bundled with other products. The estimated shipping date is a guide. It may be delayed. We cannot accept cancellations of pre-order items, so please consider carefully before ordering. about this item https://tenshu53.exblog.jp/241519732/ Tomenosuke Home Page http://www.tomenosuke.com/ Tomenosuke Blog http://tenshu53.exblog.jp/ Artist Home Page http://dddddd.moo.jp/

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